Successful tips to overcome pre ejaculation

Sex is an enjoyable function of the body and it is intended to have to pleasure with the partner. The joy of sex is enjoyed by the couple if the man has a better erection and long standing orgasm. Unless a man has better erection and prolonging climax, couple could not enjoy the ultimate pleasure. When man ejaculates soon, both of them will lose the interest and it will take time for them to start again. Getting indulged in sex will be a pleasure only if the man has no pre ejaculation issue. Some men suffer from pre ejaculation issue and undoubtedly it ruins the sexual life and also family life.

Pre mature ejaculation

A lot of couples have faced this issue as the man could not satisfy her. As soon as a man ejaculates, the drive and the arousal go off and the woman partner expecting for some enjoyable time gets disappointed. For this reason, men that suffer from pre ejaculation has to find some fix to avoid pre ejaculation so that he can enjoy the pleasure and satisfy the partner to the core. Pre ejaculation is nothing but reaching the climax soon. It takes quick time for such man to ejaculate than the average ejaculation time of other men.  Let’s check some of the tips to stop premature ejaculation now.

 Reasons for premature ejaculation:

  • Biological
  • Psychological
  • Hyperactive reflexes
  • Infrequent sexual activity
  • Extreme arousal
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Alcohol

Practical ways

First of all a man should understand that sex is pleasure to relish bit by bit and not all at once. So, it is important to take time and enjoy sex. Those that rush up in foreplay or love making time and increase their thrust during penetration will get ejaculate soon. Therefore don’t rush and start to move gradually. Regulate your mind to move slowly and have extended foreplay and move forward to penetration but slowly. Make your thrusts in a proper position with normal or slow tempo. Stop the rush!!!

Stop and start

It is not sure that down tempo will work for everyone. Man due to adrenaline rush may ejaculate soon. Therefore, it is best to use stop and start method. This method will be effective for any man to enjoy the best of sex and to have some unlimited fun. If a man utilizes this technique, she will also get satisfied. In this method, man has to stop the thrust or the stroke when he feels that he is going to ejaculate. If he stops, it will be postponed and it will take some time for him to get the rush for climax. Till then, he can get involved in other forms of sex then again can come to penetration.

Pelvic muscle training

Pelvic muscle is one of the most important for ejaculation. It can strengthen the muscles and nerves of penis so it will be useful to overcome pre mature ejaculation. A regular practice will be useful for sure.

Consult an expert

Consult with an expert about your issues as premature ejaculation is psychological related.